Osarfo Anthony’s Take On Samini’s Nomination

imagesI disagree to agree with SAMINI’ s nomination for Reggae/dancehall artist, yet the song ‘Iskoki’ that got him nomination is a Hiplife song for the year under review.

The justification for his nomination is like a University, awarding First Degree in Marketing to its graduate who studied Accointing for the 4 year period.

The parents complain that their son deserve First Degree in Accounting and not Marketing but the school justifies: “the essence of completing University education is to acquire First Degree so forget about the course”

The point is, the award is a music award –plus artists are nominated with their songs for a particular year under review.

So per cognitive logic, it does not add up to nominate him with a Hiplife song, and when it comes to artists category, you nominate him for reggae/dancehall artist.
He should not have been nominated based on the fact that in real life, Samini is a reggae/dancehall artist or he performed reggae/dancehall songs for the year under review – the emphasis should be on the song which got him nomination.

So now the big question is: if Samini wins Reggae/dancehall artist and he is asked, “so what song were you nominated for that has won you this award,” he will say “iskoki”

What kind of song is that? He says, “its a Hiplife song.” Does it add up?

But, I agree with the VGMA BOARD because in their criteria definition for ARTISTS CATEGORIES, the GENRE OF SONG an artist produced for the year under review has no place in the definition.

Moving on, the board may also consider thinking around the lines some of us are doing with this Samini nomination.


Osarfo Anthony

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