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Our graduate was Beyonce’s Photography Director – Ashesi University brags

David Baonuh


Our graduate was Beyonce’s Photography Director – Ashesi University brags

One of the best private Universities in Ghana, has revealed the identity of the person behind the photography of Beyonce’s outdoored video.


According to a post on the University’s official Facebook page, who completed Ashesi University in 2019 was the director of photography for Beyonce’s new Disney film.

For Beyonce’s new film “Black is King”, Ashesi alum David Boanuh ’19 served as Director of Photography for scenes shot in Ghana. Together with other West African creatives, David helped bring unique representations of Africa to the film described as a “celebratory memoir for the world on the Black experience.”

Read about how David discovered filmmaking during his student years #atAshesi: #AshesiAlumni

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