P. Diddy Party — Most Outrageous Cover Charge of All-Time

P. Diddy‘s throwing a party so ridiculous every guy is getting 15 hot models to “service” them all night. There’s just one tiny catch — a FIVE figure cover charge!!

The pecks – 2 Cabanas inside the Play Boy mansion right next to ‘Diddy,Free bottles of top of the line vodka or any other drink of your choice you know, like Krystal and the like,15PlayBoy bunnies  at your “service”. The cost ????? drum roll please ! $50,000.

Who will be the first Ghanaian celeb to top this  or ok being modest, attempt this ? I guess you’re pondering how to spend 50 gran’ if you had it. Well ‘Diddy says come party if you got some cheeeeeeeeeeeese !

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  1. this is really Outrageous!!..why will i spend such huge amount of money on a party..even if am a billionaire i wont do it…smh

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