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Paternity Test For Footballer Ronaldo


Paternity Test For Footballer Ronaldo

Star Brazilian footballer Ronaldo said last on his Twitter feed that he is undergoing a DNA test of determine whether he is the father of a five-year-old boy living Singapore.

The mother of the boy has been trying since 2009 to have Ronaldo recognized as the father. “ is full of surprises. After the sadness over yesterday's game (when his Corinthians team lost), today I got to know Alex, a beautiful, polite and healthy boy,” the 34-year-old player wrote. “Now we are waiting for the results of the test and will take on the responsibilities and pleasures that the results give us,” he said.
The mother of Alex, Michele Umezu, has been trying since 2009 to have Ronaldo recognized as the father and is demanding child support.

She says she met Ronaldo in a party in Tokyo in 2002 celebrating Brazil's championship in the World Cup that year. Ronaldo, she says, returned to Tokyo in 2004 during a tour of Real Madrid, who he was playing for at the time. She said she became pregnant by him at that time.

Reports said Michele Umezu was a 28-year-old Brazilian living in Singapore. Ronaldo, nicknamed the “Fenomeno,” already has three children: a 10-year-old son with his ex, and two younger daughters, aged one year and the other eight months, with his current wife Bia Anthony.

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