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Police Handcuff David Osei

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Police Handcuff David Osei

Actor Prince David Osei on Easter Sunday found himself locked in handcuffs by a police officer who did not know where he had placed the keys to the cuffs.

The star actor therefore remained in the cuffs for several hours until he was eventually taken to a chainsaw operator to cut off the cuffs.

Prince was on the set of a new movie, ‘ Romeo & Bullet’, and was playing a role in which had to be handcuffed. The producer had arranged for a real police officer from the Ghana Police Service to arrest and handcuff Prince but just after that, it was discovered that the keys to the cuffs were missing.

According to the police officer, the keys were broken and he thought he could use a spoon to open it. But several attempts to do that proved futile.

For several hours, the crew and the police tried using stones and hammer to unlock the cuffs but all the attempts yielded no result.

A source said the actor was subsequently taken to a police station at Anyaa to get other handcuffs keys to unlock him but that didn’t work either, until they eventually landed at a chainsaw operator’s shop.

David confirmed the story to NEWS-ONE on Wednesday afternoon and blamed on it the negligence of the policeman.

‘The policeman was aware the keys were broken but he did not tell us till after the incident,’ he confirmed.

According to him, the incident occurred about 3pm and about 6pm in the evening, they were still struggling ‘so we had to take it to the sawmill operator’.

David said they had to tie his wrist with a rag, with metals fixed under the handcuffs to prevent the sawmill machine from reaching his veins.

‘I risked my life that day because of somebody’s negligence. If the machine had cut me, then that was it. I am still feeling the pains in my wrist. That night I had to use one hand to drive home. I was really alarmed,’ he expressed his shock to NEWS-ONE .

This is not first time such an unfortunate incident has happened to the actor on set. He had the same experience when he was nearly lynched by a mob who mistook him and Kobi Rana for thieves while shooting ‘ Kiss Me If You’.

By News One

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