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Poverty Is Nothing At All – Renowned Blogger Declares


Poverty Is Nothing At All – Renowned Blogger Declares

Money is the only economical language understood worldwide, but, to others it is seen as the only barrier between the extremely rich folks and those tackled by abject poverty.

One of Nigeria’s outspoken stars, Nkechi Bianze has added her voice to why she is willing to choose affluence over being broke at any given opportunity.

The vociferous socialite tweeted;

***There’s something about money and greed.

In September, I made twice more money than I usually make per month. I got into a line of business and I was just experimenting. Turned out it’s working and it’s sustainable.

I’ve just realized that the more money I make, the more I want to make more money.

But I’m still not rich enough to say “Money is not everything”.

Let me make Billions first, then I can start choking you with those lines of motivation.

I know money is not everything. But poverty is nothing at all.

Take it from someone who has lived most of her life on the “average” stratum, but who has also experienced a bit of money and extreme brokenness in her over 3 decades on earth. It’s still better to have money than to be poor and/or broke.

Poverty scares the shit out of me. Poverty is my third worst fear after losing my health and having no one to love me.

May the works of our hands be blessed and may we never experience poverty. Amen!

  • Nkechi Bianze***

Do you agree with her?

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C. A. Asante is a teacher (Village Teacher) by profession who has reported on a number of elections in Ghana for Central Press Newspaper. He is known among his peers as a researcher and regular contributor in Education, Politics, etc. Follow : Instagram- @ chris_asante1...Facebook: CA Asante

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