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Powerful Juju men in Volta Region stop coronavirus

Powerful Juju men ,Volta Region


Powerful Juju men in Volta Region stop coronavirus

Ghanaians are tackling the coronavirus from angles. The scientific and spiritual angles.

After Christians and Muslims holding national fasting and prayer days, the traditionalists in the Volta Region too have come in with their intervention.

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Volta Region is known for having some of the most powerful shrines in the country. The Great  Nogokpo can be found there.

Libations were poured at three official entry points – Beat 9, Segbe and main border posts – in Aflao to seal the southeastern Ghana-Togo borders.

This is to prevent the importation of the virus into the country.

A spotless black goat and chicken were slaughtered at the feet of the Aflao Dulegba [community gods] amidst libations and incantations to finalize the rites.


“We pleaded with Mawu Tsikata and our ancestors to cure any infected indigene who might be living in the diaspora or has traveled into Ghana”, the spiritual leader said.


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