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Praye collaborates with Degg J Force 3 for Clean Africa Campaign Song


Praye collaborates with Degg J Force 3 for Clean Africa Campaign Song

Ghana’s sensational hiplife group, Praye is collaborating with their Guinean counterparts Degg J Force 3, to preach sanitation in Africa with a song titled Sunu Ghetto.

Sunu Ghetto is a four-minute upbeat fusion of Hi-Life and Afro Pop driven by a catchy rhythm.

It is sung in both French and English, with phrases in local languages from both countries. The song deploys images of ‘the broom’ ‘good hygiene’ and ‘clean ups’ to encourage and promote environmental cleanliness and better sanitation.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM with the host Louis Sakyiamah, Praye explained the reason behind their collaboration Degg J Force 3 and to put up this project with support from the World Bank.

“The initiative has great potential to reach mass audiences across Africa, with its multi-lingual elements and the popularity of the artists. It will function as a popular mass multi-media tool to help raise awareness towards ridding many African cities, towns, villages and communities of filth, thereby, helping to achieve one of the most critical MDG’s” added Praye.

An accompanying video is with appropriate imagery to complement the song’s lyrics and develop a strong visual narrative that contextualizes the problem and communicates the principal messages and solutions.

Significantly, the video reflects the experiences of Guinea and Ghana, but is intended to be adapted/adopted/domesticated for use in other African countries.

Poor sanitation is one of the most persistent challenges facing the world’s poorest countries today, undermining efforts to reduce poverty and disease.

It is estimated that in most of Africa, 40 per cent of the population lacks access to safe drinking water, whilst 80 per cent lack access to basic sanitation facilities.

The implication for public health is particularly striking as nearly 65 % of common diseases such as cholera, malaria, dysentery and diarrhea are compounded by poor sanitation, unsafe water and environmental degradation.

Progress with Millennium Development Goal 7, to half the proportion of persons without access to safe drinking water and provide proper sanitation appears to be slow, despite increased attention by governments and many development agencies.

The need to raise mass awareness towards reversing the sanitation decline and environmental degradation is therefore critical.

Praye also intimated that they are embarking on a nationwide tour that aims at getting them closer to their fans.

The tour involves performances at various venues across the country, autograph signing sessions and one on one chats with their fans.

Story by Natogmah Sugri Mohammed/Hitz FM/Ghana

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