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Premier fashion label from South Africa


Premier fashion label from South Africa

Screen-shot-2014-08-19-at-21.26.11-602x423If as one of our readers you have yet to hear about Kluk CGDT then you need to hear about them now! And we apologise for not introducing you to them as of yet. Kluk CGDT is a premier fashion label from South Africa, and an international award winning SA fashion house set up by the creative duo Malcolm Kluk and Christiaan Gabriël Du Toit.

The KLûK CGDT brand is well known for the sophistication in design and fabrication and their uncompromising standards in service and quality. They produce 6 collections a year, which they sell through their boutiques in JHB, Cape Town and now Pretoria as well as trunkshows across Africa. They are equally well known for their bridal and couture gowns both locally and internationally and have won awards for their “Red Carpet Style”. Special consideration is taken for each bride individually. “ Bridalwear is not like fashion, it represents a dream with a lifetime of expectations, and this is what we strive to fulfil”.

The brand is the culmination of two South African born designers’ passion and the vision of bringing South Africans an international experience of fashion.  It is immediately evident to anyone that careful consideration has been given to each garment; from the fabric selection, to the cut of the garment and to the finishes of each piece.  It is this careful consideration and attention to detail that distinguishes their clothes as luxury garments.

Screen-shot-2014-08-20-at-20.40.42 (1)Malcolm and Christiaan have worked together since 2003 and have formed a dynamic and evolving partnership.  Their brand is not only about clothes, but rather life and an holistic experiential, boundary-blurring approach to Style. Their collaboration represents the pinnacle of their separate creative processes and each designer brings specialised expertise and unique visions to the partnership.

From showcasing at events such as New York Fashion Week, to Arise Fashion Week to South African Fashion Week, it is their accolades that gives them the kudos they deserve. They have been awarded with a Lifetime Achievement Award and African Designer of the Year 2011 and 2012 at Africa Fashion Week Lagos, the “Most Stylish Designers” at the SA Style awards, “Best Red Carpet Designers” at the Africa Fashion Awards and “Best Red Carpet designers “ by Marie Claire Magazine Prix de Excellence

Now they have made this brand more accessible to women across South Africa by launching a collection that we just ADORE with online fashion store Though specialists in couture, bridal and high end clothing their skills do Screen-shot-2014-08-20-at-20.41.07 (1)not end there as they bring their expertise in creating a collaboration collection with the store using Vlisco prints for a ready-to-wear apparel line.

Inspired to create a diffusion line inspired by Africa, they turned to Vlisco, global purveyors of winning textiles, who were very excited to announce their new line, VOILA.

“We are one of the first brands to use the newly launched VOILA by Vlisco range,” says Christiaan Gabriel Du Toir. “We have always loved traditional ‘Ankara fabric’ and wanted to create a collection inspired by these prints in our own style.”

The collection named OTHELIA was named in honour of Othelia Julia Nkomonde who loved listening to mbaqanga music. This influenced her style which was charactized by bright colours and prints. “This label is dedicated to her with love.”

Spree is the first to launch this capsule collection of 8 pieces. A collection reinterprets contemporary classics ranging from pleated skirts, trench coat and midi skirt. The print and patterns creates a unique and luxurious feel to key season styles.

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