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Princess Ciara – Being Pregnant In This Coronavirus Pandemic It Comes With Challenges


Princess Ciara – Being Pregnant In This Coronavirus Pandemic It Comes With Challenges

Ciara Princess Wilson is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and model. Born in Austin, Texas, she traveled around the world during her childhood, eventually moving Atlanta, Georgia where she joined the girl group Hearsay. She later signed a publishing deal, and befriended producer Jazze Pha, who recorded demos that would appear on her debut album. With his help, Ciara signed a record deal with LaFace Records.

Ciara princess has opened up on challenge she’s dealing with in this pandemic.

She said; she is really careful when going to the hospital her ultrasound scans.

Ciara and her lovely husband has been in isolation with their kids.

“I want to be really cautious” the beautiful model said.

Ciara revealed she has to change gloves between doctors appointment.

“I have a little Ziploc bag of gloves for appointment and makes sure she puts on her face maskonm. I switch to new pair of gloves immediately I love from one room to another.

“We women carry the baby, but for my husband, bring in the room and listening to the heartbeat in real time is one of his ways of connectijg. For him not to be part of that a symbol of his time that we’re going through”


” The male presence is very important for both boys and girls” She said.

‘ The beakb in a day when you send your kids to school in luxury’. We are trying all kinds of stuff to keep them both occupied.

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