Princess Shyngle Says Being Sexy Is A Curse
Princess Shyngle

Princess Shyngle Says Being Sexy Is A Curse

Ghanaian-Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle talks about her body. She took to Instagram to make certain revelations about her body.

Moreover, Shyngle is in the news mostly for one controversy or another. However, this time she made the shocking revelations that being sexy is a curse. Therefore, at this point of her life, she literally hates her body.

The actress is considered to be one of the curviest actresses in Africa. However, she complained about how bad she hates her body.

“Being sexy is a f**king curse. At this point, I literally hate body”. 

This would not be the 1st time Princess Shyngle rants about her persona as she always complained about how she spent all her money just to look good for the ‘gram’. Meanwhile it seems the actress regrets ‘ever’ going in for this type of shape.

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