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Prof Kwaku Azar Breaksdown John Mahama’s Election Petition

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Prof Kwaku Azar Breaksdown John Mahama’s Election Petition

The Petitioner’s claim, from what I have read, will hinge on 6 points as follows:
1. The numbers declared by the EC on December 9, which are supposed to be official declaration, did not add up.
2. The EC Takyiman-South claim, which formed part of the basis of the December 9 declaration, is false as a matter of arithmetic.
3. The EC’s attempted correction of its December 9 declaration, without an explanation to or involvement of the parties, itself introduced even more errors. So the correction corrected a number that did not exist originally and could not therefore be a correction.
4. The gazette contains errors, flowing from the declaration.
5. That there is evidence of vote padding, as suggested by a sample details from 32 constituencies.
6. That there were material errors in the collated figures.
It is important to keep in mind that this is the petitioner’s case. The respondents’ will respond and then testimony will be taken in support of the parties’ averments followed by cross examination.
GOGO requires that #SALL be part of the opening of the 8th Parliament.

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