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Prophet predicts Sarkodie, Dumelo’s death


Prophet predicts Sarkodie, Dumelo’s death

imagesA Kumasi-based Prophet has warned Hiplife musician, Sarkodie and Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo to repent from their ‘evil ways’ or risk losing their lives in the next few weeks.

Prophet Emmanuel Gyamfi said on Adom FM’s Entertainment Hall Programme on Saturday that the fastest rapper and the internationally acclaimed actor are targets of several misfortunes for rebelling against God and winning souls for the devil.

“God made me see that he, Sarkodie has rebelled against Him (God) and have been winning souls for the other part, that is the devil and this would happen live for all to see that the man of God said it…,” he said.

According to Prophet of the Emmanuel Power House Chapel, the duo has three weeks to repent from their evil ways as a means of mitigating the punishments meant for them.

The man of God said further that God revealed the impending misfortunes to him in a vision on one Sunday morning when he meditated on the word of God after his devotion.

“In the vision, I saw the hand of God appear from the skies and struck Sarkodie unto the ground…I was the one who helped to his feet…” he narrated.

Prophet Emmanuel continued that God later told him that He struck Sarkodie unto the ground because he (Sarkodie) in recent times has been using his popularity to win more souls for the devil instead of using the talent to praise him.

“God through his abundant mercies gave him three weeks to repent from winning souls for the devil or he will die…,” he said.

The Kumasi-based Prophet said further that even if Sarkodie repents from his evil deeds, he would still suffer some misfortune as ‘it is never an easier thing for the hand of God to strike you down.’

“Even if he recovers, there would be great changes in his body…,” the man of God said further.

John Dumelo in Prison   

On the celebrated actor, the Prophet Emmanuel said he has also been threading similar paths like Sarkodie and his punishment would include a serious motor accident and imprisonment.

“John Dumelo would be involved in an issue which would lead to the prison…not even all his wealth and power would save him from this case…,” he said.

Dumelo, he said would never return from prison custody as he would die there.

The man of God who also claimed that John Dumelo had also been winning souls for the evil said he would be involved in a tragic accident.

Reversing the Punishment

The man of God said he was not seeking popularity through the prophecy as he was already an ‘international prophet’ and has been prophesying about several events including the Castro issue.

To reverse the curses placed on the two entertainment personalities, Prophet Emmanuel called on the two entertainment guys in Ghana currently to approach him at his base in Kumasi for deliverance.

“They should come to Kumasi to meet me since I saw the vision and can best work to clear it,” he said.

On Castro and Janet Bandu, the International Prophet said their families are to blame as they did not approach him initially to search for them.

“His family was stubborn if they had approached me earlier, Castro would be out by now, but they consulted Malams and other spiritualists first…they came for my number and has since not returned,” he said.


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