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Rachel McAdams Dazzles at ‘The Vow’ Premiere


Rachel McAdams Dazzles at ‘The Vow’ Premiere

Stop the presses! Rachel McAdams attended the German premiere of “The Vow” in a stunning dress that sent hearts racing and the Web buzzing.

McAdams, who is known for mixing retro and glamour with grace, rocked the red carpet in a tea-length off-the-shoulder gown. McAdams paired the black lace dress from Collette Dinnigan with black heels from Christian Louboutin (who else?) and a cinched belt.

Fans clearly know a stunning look when they see it. Backers took to Twitter to voice their approval. Comments ranged from “Rachel McAdams looks impeccable in feminine dress” to “Radiant on the Red Carpet: Stunning Rachel McAdams made a dramatic entrance” to “Love the Look: Rachel McAdams Is Luscious In Lace.”

Folks seem equally excited about the film itself, noting its similarities to the highly successful “The Notebook,” which starred McAdams and Ryan Gosling. In “The Notebook,” McAdams’s character (well, the older version, played by Gena Rowlands) suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Her husband (er, the older version, played by James Garner) reads to her in the hopes that she’ll remember their relationship.

Meanwhile, in “The Vow,” McAdams plays a woman who suffers memory loss after a car crash puts her into a coma. Its up to her husband, Channing Tatum, to get her to fall back in love with him.

See a pattern? You’re not alone. A typical comment from Twitter: “The vow is like the notebook.. And rachael mcadams is In both.” Others wrote “The notebook 2 equals the vow” and “why is Rachel mcadams always losing her memory. first the notebook, now the vow.”

But others don’t seem to mind. “The Vow is kinda like the notebook but ilove love stories,” tweeted one enthusiastic fan. The film hits theaters on February 10.

Watch Rachel McAdams in the trailer for “The Vow“:

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