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Radio, TV disregarded my music, the streets pushed it – Gasmilla


Radio, TV disregarded my music, the streets pushed it – Gasmilla

imagesTelemo hitmaker, Gasmilla, has said he is happy to be enjoying his recent fame; especially when he had a tough time breaking into the Ghanaian music scene.

The “International fisherman” as he calls himself has become one of the most celebrated musicians in 2015.

In an interview with Morning Starr host Kafui Dey on Starr 103.5FM Thursday, the singer said the streets ‘made him’, since it was the only place he could promote his music.

“It’s been hard. Especially because I came through the back door not the front door. The front door was busy! You have to queue and there are killers out there chaley!” he said.

According to him “The back door was using the streets.”

He said he sometimes had to impersonate a manager to get people to listen to his tracks.

“I started with street promotion. Abodan tui was a song that made it huge on the street. Radio didn’t play it, TV didn’t show it and I mean I pushed it so hard on the street that radio and TV didn’t have a choice. It was me going from one joint or the other promoting my song.

“I sit in the trotro and I ask the one seated by me, do you have a Bluetooth? I’m a manager and there is this artiste I’m trying to promote and I would like you to listen cos chaley, that’s the only way you know…I knew I won’t have it easy so I worked….I don’t look at the obstacles. I look at getting to my destination and it worked for me” he told Dey.


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