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Rapper Ludacris teams up with Timbaland for 7th studio album


Rapper Ludacris teams up with Timbaland for 7th studio album

American rapper, Ludacris born Christopher Brian Bridges has teamed up once again with of the 's best producers Timbaland, the man he started his music career with.

Ludacris collaborated with Timbaland on the hit song Phat Rabbit from his album Tim's Bio: Life from da Bassment. The track later made its way onto Ludacris's debut LP album Back for the First Time released October 2000.

The Illinois born rapper has since his entry in 2000 released seven studio albums with the eighth, Ludaversal, in the works. He has also released six mixtapes to his credit, the sixth, 1.21 Gigawatts: Back To The First Time, released in November 2011.

Ludacris tweeted Thursday that he was back in the studio with Timbaland, the man he started a fruitful music career with urging fans to expect the album soon: “Back in the studio with the man I started with. Ludaversal album coming soon.”

The 34-year old rapper who also doubles as an actor had told in an interview that, “I get the beats together and I put out my ideas, so I'd say we're maybe about 40 percent done. I've pretty much collected about 80 percent of the beats that I need, and I've started writing ideas on them. First I have to love the beat, absolutely love it.”

According to him, “It's been a minute since I've been away from music, and there is just so much to talk about. So [the album] is mostly about my personal life, my travels, my experiences, rumors, gossip – you know, everything coming together in one.”

Ludaversal is set for release May 2012 with the first single from the album expected in March. The album will feature renowned artistes such as The Neptunes (made up of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo), and longtime music partner Usher.

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