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Rapper M3DAL to release A Banger This Christmas


Rapper M3DAL to release A Banger This Christmas

Ghanaian born fast rising rapper M3DAL promises Ghanaians a Christmas song. At an interview on XFM on the 30th November 2014, M3DAL told Kobe 2.5 – host of the Urbanroll show that he is about to release a song for Christmas which will shake the industry. He declined to say more about it, asking Ghanaians to wait for it. Also in the studio during the interview were super producer Magnom and the maestro DredW.

Kobe 2.5

“tell us about the materials you’ve dropped so far?”


“I dropped a couple of songs in the past 3months and the latest is “Sei M’adwen” which is doing well. Just came back from Kumasi and still moving around to promote it…….. and yhh the next one I’m about to drop will be your Christmas banger”

Kobe 2.5

“Wow.. Tell us more about this Christmas banger?”


“Honestly I don’t want to say more about it…. Ghanaians should just wait on it. I don’t know about what the mainstream artistes will drop buh mine will shake the industry. I’ll release the official artwork soon… so y’all will know more about it”

Kobe 2.5

“Hmmm, well we’ll just have to wait on it”


“Yes sir”

Below is the official artwork for his new single…… we’ll just have to wait for this “Christmas banger”.


Source: ghanamotion

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