Raquel defends Sweetio video

Ghanaian singing sensation Raquel, who has recently come under a lot of public backlash after releasing the video for her hit single ‘Sweetio’ which features BET Award Winner, Sarkodie, has defended the concept for the video.

The video has been criticized as being ‘shabby’ and didn’t meet the expectations of the public. Other aspects of the video that have been criticized include her make-up and costume in the video.

In an interview with Lexis Bill on Hitz FM’s morning show Daybreak Hitz on Monday, Raquel indicated that “the video was supposed to highlight me in my happy times, so that’s why you have all these colours and flowers with a bubbly girly feel.

“We wanted to do something different from what everybody would expect and since it’s my first major hit, we needed to focus on Raquel, the artiste,” she said.

She however accepted that the public and her fans play a role in the success of her career hence even though the negative comments about the video get to her, she takes them very seriously.

Raquel hinted that there are ongoing discussions to re-shoot the video for the song even though they have not reached a decision yet.

“I think people had various ideas of how the video was gonna be like and these comments keep coming because it didn’t fall in their expectations but discussions are on-going and we might reshoot a new video,” she hinted.

She also indicated that her yet-to-be titled debut album will be out as soon as is ready.

She released a single with dancehall artiste Samini earlier this month and is expected to release more singles before her maiden album is launched.



Ghana/Hitz FM

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