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Black Star SR Entertainment signed artiste Raquel has released her official new single after a sweetioo hit called set me Free produced by the magical fingers of Gideon the Genius selection.

Set me free is a single of many parts hence management of Raquel Black Star SR entertainment disclosed that there will be an official radio release today across major stations like Y107.9fm, Hitz103.7fm, Atlantis 89.9fm, among other well listened stations, hence if missed it at CnB, your chance is coming to a radio station near you, just stay tune.

The song, which is a mixture of genres and cultures, happens to be the official third single from the silky female singer Raquel, coming from her untitled upcoming debut album soon to be released for fans.

Even though the title of the new single from Raquel might sound ironic based recent attacks on her by the media, her manager Stephen Creppy has a different opinion about it.

Stephen said: this song was recorded a year ago by the Genius selection, I remember the beat maker woke up one morning from bed, sat behind his machines and delivered this beat, even at that time the beat maker did not have Raquel in mind, so there is no way the title of the song has something to do with recent incidents about her in the media.

He maintained: if you listen to the song its self, it has no reflection what so ever of past incidents in the media, its a song we call mix genres and cultures as it has a selection of every Ghanaian in there, straight from the North down to the South, everybody will find his/her self in the song that will excite them.

Stephen noted that: Set Me free from Raquel was chosen to be the official third single because, we (Black Star SR entertainment) are aware that Ghanaians want to dance, so after sweetioo', this is also one song that they can jam with especially when Ghana black stars is winning at the ongoing AFCON 2012.

The new single from Raquel was time played at Chicken N Beer inside Rockstones's office last night and the response from the crowd was very positive, meaning another comes off the sleeves of the songstress and the beat maker Gideon the Genius.

Fans are also asked to get ready for the international mix and the club mix of the new one as it will both be released this February 2012 but for now is the another one from Raquel called Set me free, listen to it and set your minds free from all unnecessary , its the Genius selection again.

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