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Recite These Words Every Morning


Recite These Words Every Morning

I am strong.
I am rich .
I am beautiful .
I am handsome
I am successful.
I am victorious.
I am loved .
I am accepted .
I succeed in everything I do.
I pass every exam I write
I understand everything I learn
I embrace every failure and learn from it.
I don’t get angry quickly.
I think before I react.
I understand people’s condition.


I don’t expect too much from others .
I give than I receive .
I do what I plan.
I do not waste time on unnecessary things.
I have time for important things.
I do not give up.
As others are sleeping , I wake up to follow my dreams
I do not allow people to define me.
I do not waste my time on social media.
I am not the cause of people’s pain but I am the cause of people’s happiness .
I respect others opinions.
I respect everyone irrespective of his/her financial status.
I treat everyone equal.
I am the mentor of those around me.
I am the hope of my love ones.
I am always healed with the present .
I am not hurt with the past.
I love myself.
I am happy all the time because I enjoy with someone called “MYSELF”.

Written by: Ruth Obeng Mensah (motivational speaker)
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A morning prayer to motivate your day irrespective of personal circumstance. A recipe to healthy living during this covid-19 period through the year 2021. Do not allow the enemy to oppress your progress. BE STRONG IN THE MIND AND PHYSICALLY, YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD

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