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Reggie Rockstone Opens GRANDPAPAZZ: Hottest Club In Ghana


Reggie Rockstone Opens GRANDPAPAZZ: Hottest Club In Ghana

In all my as a writer, celebrity publicist and a blogger I have never met any showbiz personality as much wisdom and sense of humour all embellished and bottled into one.

This is how Reggie Rockstone puts it when he spoke to Quame Junior, “Listen Son, it is called Showbiznes, I have done the show part, it is time for the business part.” he said with a grin. The new VVIP Lounge by the living legend is an extraordinary edifice of a serene ambience.

One writer is quoted as saying, “You couldn't get in if you bulldozed your way past the elegantly groomed macho bouncers”. The Club is membership only. Members have electronic ID cards that opens the door for them to enter, the bouncers being an aid to present useful information to members and keeping the place as peaceful as it can be.

So as he is known for, he does it all first, INNOVATION personified. The sight that is beheld in Grandpapazz is a whisper of fantasy that most would die for. The theme in the club is red and white, the ambience is relaxed and the “view” right behind the low bar is a feast for the eyes.

The club was launched this past weekend and had every major name in the was there to show and appreciation to the grandeur of the rap legend's vision.

As exaggerating as it might sound, Reggie Rockstone has forever revolutionalized nightlife in Accra. Rockstone's Office is still the banging for the young and the young at heart and Grandpapazz is for the Grown and Sexy.

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