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Reggie Rockstone’s ‘Roc.Doms’ Hits Town


Reggie Rockstone’s ‘Roc.Doms’ Hits Town

129028092_502583The Grandpapa of Hiplife, Reggie Rockstone, has introduced his
brand of condoms known as Rockstone Condoms (Roc.Doms) at his club, Rockstone’s Office in Cantonments, last weekend.

In response to “ condoms”? Reggie said, “I owe Ghanaians a
responsibility and as part of that, I believe promoting the use of
condoms among the youth, especially young women, will help reduce the rate of HIV and AIDS which I believe has not received much talk in our country.”

He again said since he operates a club which is open to all, it is
best to have condoms available so that the youth would practise
safe sex.

The Rockstone Condoms has a $1000 dollar reward and $100 each has been put in 10 condom packs which a lucky customer could win for purchasing a pack of condom.

A guest at the launch won one of the $100 dollar reward. The launch, which was short, simple, yet classic, was graced by artiste Asem.

“Reggie has come up with a laudable idea and I think we all need to support him,” Asem told The Mirror. Ten per cent ofsale of the condoms will be given to Safelife, an NGO.


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