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Rick Ross remixes Adele’s Hello

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Rick Ross remixes Adele’s Hello

imagesRick Ross, 39, heard 27-year-old Adele‘s long-awaited new song Hello and he realised he just had to be a part of it.

Rick “remixed” the track and added his own verse, and the results were… odd. Luckily, he uploaded his version for the world to enjoy! You’ve gotta hear this.


We get it, Hello is awesome. We sing it in the shower. We sing it in the car. But when you’re a head honcho like Rick, you can take that love to the next level and drop your own remix for to hear.

But listening to this , we almost forgot it was a remix because it sounds almost exactly the same until the 1:20 mark, when Ricky comes in with a pretty emotional verse, beginning with “I miss you kissing my lips” and ending with “from the poorest to the richesssstttt.” Yes, the hissing is included.

He also giggled as it fades into Adele’s chorus. Like we said, weird.



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