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imagesLess than a week after her movie ‘The Meeting’ won a couple of awards at the 2015 AMVCA, Rita Dominic was pictured last week, precisely on Thursday, March 12, in another meeting alongside her manager, Mildred Okwo, at the office of Danium Energy Services Limited, owners of Mercury Green Pointblank Pictures to sign a new multimillion Naira movie deal, for a role in a new movie titled ‘Mary’.

You just signed a movie deal with Danium Energy Service, could you speak more about it

The movie titled ‘Mary’ is owned by Mercury Green Pointblank Pictures, a baby company of Danium Energy Company. I was contracted to act in the film as a lead. I was sent a copy of the script by Mercury Green Pointblank Pictures and I liked it.

So, I will be working with the film executives; Kingsley Ogbor and film Director, Afe Olumowe. I just got signed to be the lead actress in the film and I’m happy about it.

What are your expectations from this project

First and foremost, I need to thank Mercury Green Pointblank Production for considering me for the laudable movie. What is important to me is the story. I have been speaking with the director, Afe Olumowe and Executive Producer Kingsley Ogbor and they appear to know what they are doing.

They seem to have a good team and hopefully, I think we are going to come out with a very good project.

What’s the movie all about

I don’t think that the owners of the movie would want me to divulge the information for now as it’s still in the pipeline, but what I can tell you is that ‘Mary’ is a Christian movie, or should I say a Christian-secular movie. More information will be revealed to you very soon.

Why did you decide to accept the role considering the fact that this movie is not your usual Nollywood secular movie

It doesn’t matter at all, you know we have to tell our stories; stories that will change lives the most. Like I said earlier, I find the story quite fun and interesting. It’s something fresh. It’s something I have never done before. I will be playing two characters! This is going to be a bit of challenge for me but I’m up to the task.

Since I started my career, this is the kind of roles I look out for; stories that can stretch me beyond my limit. That’s what I find interesting about the script.

You are sounding like you are too old in this industry?

Not trying to sound too old, but I have been doing this for 17 years. This is my 17th year and i think it will get to a point in one’s career when you don’t want to accept just any scripts anymore, you become highly selective with the roles you play.

You want to be in control through selection. As you get older you just want a movie that will challenge you, and bring out another side of you. That’s what I feel this movie, ‘Mary’ will do for my career.

When is the shoot starting

We are starting from the first week of next month (April), and we will be shooting for days.

Is this your first ever Christian role

Yea it is. Although I have acted occasional role as a Christian sister in one or two secular Nollywood movies, but this certainly will be my first full role in a Christian movie.

So, do you mind disclosing to us how much this contract is worth

I don’t think I want to do that for security reasons. But the amount is mouth-watering. It’s exciting.


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