“RTP is destroying the Radio, Tv Industry” – Tarkwa-based presenter

imagesTarkwa–based Space FM’s Mr. Frimpong Kwarteng Joseph known in showbiz as Opapy Joe has added his voice to calls by those who believe the Radio and Television Awards lacks credibility, saying it is doing more harm than good to the radio and TV industry.

Opapy Joe in an exclusive interview with Flex newspaper intimated that even though he thinks the initiative of awarding radio and television personalities in Ghana is laudable, the organizers have not been able to achieve their objectives.

“It is sad how we have allowed our radio and television industry to be toyed with in this manner. I believe RTP over the years keeps making the same old mistakes. Whichever methodology of research they use to arrive at their winners is flawed,” he said.

He also said that the awards since its inception has been for only Accra and Kumasi and even though there are regional categories, he thinks presenters from the other regions are less represented in the major categories.

“They need to work harder. I am still not impressed by the whole awards. We have very good newscasters, talk show hosts, sports presenters, entertainment presenters and the like in the other region, but they don’t get nominated in the awards. It is very sad. They are destroying our industry,” he added.

He suggested in order to have a national awards of such nature; the RTP awards should first be regional, to get deserving personalities for the national battle.

He also noted that a lot of the winners are living on past glories and not necessarily what they do today. “Some of us are far better than a lot of the winners but because we don’t work in Accra, we don’t get featured in the awards,” Opapy Joe added.

Opapy Joe has worked in more than five different radio stations with about ten years experience in the field. Notable amongst the stations he has worked with are Dinpa FM, Mighty FM, Emak FM and has once been the programmes and studio manager for Parrot FM in Sunyani.

Married with a two-year-old daughter, the hard working radio presenter is not happy with current issues in the Radio and Television Personality awards.

Opapy Joe is the host of Entertainment Extra on Space 87.7FM in Tarkwa.



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