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Ruff N Smooth Was Bounced Because “Ghana Music Awards” Is By Choice – Juno


Ruff N Smooth Was Bounced Because “Ghana Music Awards” Is By Choice – Juno

On Joy 99.7 fm entertainment show, Juno, a rep from charter house said, “Ghana Music Awards was by choice” this she said when speaking on the Ruff N Smooth issue of missing out from the GMAs this year.

Ruff N Smooth who have been asking for the answer to the reason why they were not nominated have it now, Juno have made it clear and simple. The question people are asking is can we trust the judgment of these awards, from nominations to selection of winners, if the organizer of the all prestigious ceremony to reward the hard work of musicians is by choice.

So is Juno telling Ruff N Smooth that, they chose other musicians over them, for the reason she could not reveal or by investigations from the encounter Ruff N Smooth had with them last year or probably the favoritism played by some college members for some artiste.

Ruff N Smooth said, ‘is not about getting the awards in Ghana, but is about fighting for the right things to be done, may this year is on us, but who knows who turn it will be next year’.

The journey does not stop for Ruff N Smooth, stay tune for the new update on Ruff N Smooth, after Ghana Music Awards 2011.

Well we live to see the end results of this year’s Ghana Music Awards, as for Ruff N Smooth, it looks like the whole country has come to understand why they were not nominated and that fact ink will always be raised against the GMAs for them.

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