Samini And KK Fosu Working On A New Video

Samini And KK Fosu Working On A New Video

imagesBack in the days, they were known as the “Trinity” with mind-blowing tunes that almost every Ghanaian can sing alone whenever they performed on any stage or been played on air.

KK Fosu, Kokovelli and Batman now ‘Samini’ after several years of hard work could not uphold the group ‘Trinity’ – each artist went solo till date but Kokovelli is missing in the music industry now.

Whereas Samini is making it big in the industry now, KK Fosu is still struggling to make a hit after his banger “Zaza” among other songs with the “Trinity”.

Many have called on Samini and KK to at least release a song together – perhaps to cheer their fans.

However, the long yearning for Samini and KK Fosu collaboration is here with a new single – the duo currently in the State are putting finishing touches to the music video of the song yet to be release.


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