Samini Says Becca Is A Witch And We Are Shocked

Samini Says Becca Is A Witch And We Are Shocked

There was drama at the studios of Empire Radio recently when Samini was being interviewed and a lady called during the phone in segment to make wild allegations against the Dancehall artiste.

The anonymous caller said she had met Samini at the National Theatre last year, exchanged contacts, planned meeting up but later Samini blocked her phone number.

Samini was shocked and started to mount his defense but the lady interrupted him and asked why he was stammering if he knew he was telling the truth.

Samini vehemently denied he wasn’t stammering and said that those in the studious could hear him loud and clear. In the ensuing confrontation, Samini asked her if he has ever proposed to her to which the lady responded in the affirmative.

The Dancehall musician, who was obviously feeling the heat called the woman “witch” only to have realized in the end that it was musician Becca he had been speaking to.

It turned to be a prank masterminded by the host, Feeling Daddy and Becca and it worked perfectly.

Listen below:


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