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Secular music makes no sense – Gospel artiste Anita Afriyie


Secular music makes no sense – Gospel artiste Anita Afriyie

imagesGospel artiste, Anita Afriyie says secular music has not had any positive impact on listeners in times past.

The “Adehye Mogya” singer who was speaking on the Brunch2Lunch show on Radio Univers in Accra on whether gospel artistes should fight over awards said, gospel artistes rather than secular artistes should be given awards for releasing songs that are insightful and uplifting.

“It is true we (gospel artistes) sing and win souls for Christ. However, the people listen to the songs and it has influence on their lives. If any song should be awarded, it should be gospel songs because you have to award the best. If you are faced with a challenge, I don’t think you will listen to these secular songs that lacks message”, she said.

When show host Abrantepa probed if she really meant none of the secular songs inspire listeners and makes no sense, Anita responded saying, “secular songs with good messages were sung by the elderly back in the days. Currently, you don’t hear what they say”.

Recounting how her songs have impacted on people, the singer said, “Someone told me she wanted to commit suicide but upon listening to my song, she stopped. Again, there was a time someone heard me speak on radio and rescinded his decision to commit suicide. So they should rather award us than awarding songs like ‘yeeko sei mu’”.

She remarked that she has every right to register her displeasure if she deems it necessary to.

“The fact that I am a gospel artiste doesn’t mean I shouldn’t talk when things are not done rightly. I am a human being. If the secular artiste can talk about what is not right with the scheme, why can’t I?”, she quizzed.


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