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Adult education not solution to teenage pregnancy – Gomoa chief


Adult education not solution to teenage pregnancy – Gomoa chief

imagesNana Osarfo Nintin XVIII, chief of Gomoa Akoti in the Central Region, has revealed his dislike for sex education in schools in his area.

According to the chief, sex education only makes children more interested and curious about sex.

Teenage pregnancy is high among teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19-years. The Central Region has been recording the highest number of teenage pregnancy since 1993.

Residents and healthcare experts in the area blame the lack of sex education and poverty, among others, for the increase in teenage pregnancy in Akoti.

However, Osarfo Nintin disagrees.

“I am worried about sex education; if they get the education, they will only become worse off. If you teach them, you increase their curiosity…,” he told Roberta Abbeyquaye, a citizen journalist in her documentary on teenage pregnancy.

He explained that when the child/teenager is ignorant about sex education, they will not be tempted to try it.

Nana Osarfo Nintin noted that the best education parents can give to their young adults is to raise and train them not to become a burden on society.

He made these revelation in a documentary by Roberta Abbey Quaye on the rise of teenage pregnancy in the Gomoa Akoti area.

“In my view, the sex education exposes them [teenagers] more to sex,” he reiterated.

Teenage pregnancy figures for the past four years have not seen much of a significant reduction. The figures are even more frightening in rural communities, questioning the future of most teenage girls in the country.


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