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Sex Organ Exposee…Socrates Safo Goes Wild


Sex Organ Exposee…Socrates Safo Goes Wild

Controversial movie producer Socrates Safo has threatened to organize women to stage a naked demonstration against NEWS-ONE if the paper goes ahead to publish photographs of a Ghanaian singer exposed her sex organ during a recent music concert in Accra.

Socrates first posted the threat on his facebook wall and when NEWS-ONE called him on to find out whether it was just a comment or an actual threat, his response sounded as if he had a loathing for the paper.

“I am fed up with your nonsense and nonsensical attitude of holding stars to ransom with your paper. I have suffered under and lost a lot of money because of the nonsense your paper wrote about my movie. This time you are sending your nonsense on another star and you think you are practicing journalism.

“Journalism my foot. Go ahead and I would organize women in this country to demonstrate against you. If those of us in showbiz can stand united I'm not sure paparazzi dudes like your types would do this to us,” Socrates noted in his angry outburst.

As if he had returned to his senses, Socrates then became sober and explained his frustrations: “In Ghana, celebrities fight themselves and when the media attacks one, the others laugh. This has given the media a big advantage over us because they see us as fair targets to destroy so as to sell their papers.

“I have been a victim on that and would not stand to see you destroy another person. It would be over my dead body. I would fight you back with my last drop of blood,” he bragged.

The movie producer was recently in the news for having supervised an actor to masturbate on set during the of his ‘Sons of Satan' movie. Though Socrates denied the report, he was arrested days later on allegations that he had stolen the sperms of the said actor.

Socrates again went against a contract he had with the lead character Jerry Botwe in the ‘Sons of Satan' movie by adding the naked buttocks of the actor in the final edited version of the movie, though the actor had protested.

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