Sexy Joselyn Dumas Reveals Her Most Treasured Valentine’s Day Gift

396568941_62566Of all the Valentine’s Day presents received by television presenter and actress Joselyn Dumas, one is most treasured, and brings back fond memories.

“You know what when I was in school, I got this errm… card and it was handwritten and the guy… I remember that guy…he’s married actually too bad but the guy said to me…

“On valentine day i could have bought you chocolate it would melt, i could have got you flowers, it would have withered but I give you my love and that’s forever”.

That’s was like the best Valentine’s Day ever,” she says. “It was nothing, it was just a little card with his very chicken scratched handwriting but the words were just so beautiful”.

It’s the little things that really matter for Miss Dumas, we dare say.


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