Shakira sued by ex-boyfriend for $100M

Shakira sued by ex-boyfriend for $100M

Shakira’s ex-boyfriend Antonio de La Rua taking her to court to the tune of an ‘eye-bogglingly’ large $100 million.

History tells us that such ridiculous claims for money made by people much less famous than those they want it from, tend to be given fairly short shrift.

However, this one might have sort of basis on truth, given that de La Rua claims he managed her career and was responsible for her multi-million dollar success.

There’s also the small matter that they dated for over a decade before splitting last year, but we’re sure his jilted heart and sudden realization that being out of her life means being out of business affairs hasn’t affected this suit whatsoever.

According to Us Weekly, the lawsuit claims that Shakira failed to uphold their business agreement and now owes him a large share of “past and future profits”.

It also accuses the star of breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty.

De la Rua has admitted that they never had anything signed in writing – which is probably going to be quite a big factor in whether he gets this 100 mill – but he more than upheld his end of an “oral agreement” which saw him supposedly offering his business acumen in return for a share in any money they made.


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