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Shatta Wale throws a fresh challenge


Shatta Wale throws a fresh challenge

Shatta Wale has thrown a fresh challenge to his fans to sing long his new song I DON on his Twitter page. He started by giving some of the introductory lyrics and expected the to continue.

Can you sing along 1 DON lyrics ?! Ok let’s do it this way..

Pah pah pah
I’m a star
Before you ah go come to me
You ah fi get a rocket dawg



It appears some people took the challenge and presented their lyrics.

Replying to
Wi ah work 10 times hard..
Shadoutz to mi fans from Ghana and Abroad..
Yo kno mi got it so bwoy just walk..
Becuh my thugs dem’ah bad like suh..
Head fully mixed no compresso

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