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Shatta & Yaa Pono | what A PLUS had to say


Shatta & Yaa Pono | what A PLUS had to say

Photo credit: facebook

Photo credit: facebook

The controversial A Plus decided to deliver his view on the Yaa Pono and Shatta’s differences in a lyrical manner, as he jumps on his facebook wall with the following:

“… Shatta has made it a point to suggest Yaa Pono anytime event organizers ask which act he wants on his platform so why this unnecessary rants…when clearly it’s either your road manager isn’t working with time? Or rather direct your rants to the producers of the event…Same thing happened in Abetifi…Unnecessary, Unnecessary, Unnecessary hype ….”

“Ok we have conceded defeat. This one di3 we lose. We shall be back. So is it that everyone wants to fight Shata Wale or Shata Wale wants to fight everyone? Which is which….?”

“As for me, I like Shatta’s music. I don’t have to like someone’s personality to like good music.

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. To me, he does some very good music. As for the person he is, who am I to judge another man? Bui…!”

“But Yaa Pono…. Herh!!! Hmmmmm!!! Naano y3 yaw ankaza. #Ababullsh*t so nyin…” the post read.

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