Sheriffa Gunu Is A better Artiste Than Wiyaala

imagesIn a discussion on flex on pluzz Reagan Mends former manager of Sherifa was interviewed to give his views on the relationship between female artiste and their male managers. He explained that it’s very difficult as a man not to be in an amorous relationship with your female artiste to manage her well. He explained that he had to end his contract with Sherifa Gunu because her then boyfriend was always coming in between them. It was issue of him trusting the manager and it also coming in between their work. Eventually she broke away from their management and she got married to the boyfriend. Sherifa Gunu is currently being managed by her husband.
Resgan Mends went ahead to explain that Sherifa’s brand is suffering because it’s not getting the proper branding and management she requires. He then compare Sherifa Gunu to Wiyaala that because of poor branding it now looks as if Wiyaala is better than Sherifa. He also made reference to the performance of Wiyaala at the queen’s birthday which could have been Sherifa Gunu but missing all these great opportunities.
Looking up at the point he raised, does that mean that all the artiste managers managing the female artiste are having amorous relationships with them? If yes or no what happens when these relationships end?


Monica Otumfuor

Culled from AMPluzz

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