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Sherrif Gharle to make history on a cruise liner from Brazil to Ghana


Sherrif Gharle to make history on a cruise liner from Brazil to Ghana

Ace award-winning reggae Sherrif Ghale is set to make history as he performs on a cruise liner from Brazil to .

The ship is on its way from the United States, touring the world in a program called Semester at Sea.

The program will host academic and musical performances on the ship university students from other parts of the world who have enrolled to be part of the project.

Sherrif Ghale will be joining the ship from Brazil to Ghana as an Interpret lecturer. He will be an assistant lecturer during the and give musical performances at night whilst on the ship.

The versatile reggae star is the only Ghanaian to be part of this project. He revealed on Hitz 103.7FM Monday morning that he got the opportunity to be part of this cruise-liner concert based on his profile of putting practical music, practicing music, academic activities on music and some training exercise he had organized for young artistes in the northern Ghana.

He added that he had also done some collaboration by using music to enhance peace activities and social developments.

Aside his music performances, Sherrif said he been working with an non-governmental organization (NGO) in the North called the SABABAS ARTS FOUNDATION which started in 2006 to train young artiste in northern Ghana.

He has also been doing collaborations with other artistes from around the world in exchange programs, especially, from Denmark, to interact with each other.

Sherrif cited a collaboration project he had with the Unites States Embassy in to train some artistes in the northern Ghana.

He said his selection to be an Interpret lecturer on the ship was based on some of his personal and academic carryon with music blend and practical performances.

The Brazil to Ghana cruise liner concert is slated from 3rd February to 13th February. From Ghana, the ship will head to South Africa before going back to the United States.

Sherrif is excited about the trip, saying it is a great opportunity for him to get better exposure and prepare to carry on with his work and also help groom young artistes to achieve their goals.
Story by Doreen Avio/Hitz FM/Ghana

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