Shocking video: She never had AIDS all this while- Confession of an AIDS ambassador

imagesShe once stood on international platforms as an AIDS Ambassador and encouraged us about not to fear if we ever contracted the deadly disease. Even in Gods’ house, Joyce Dzidzor pretended she had the disease but it now turns out her entire campaign was a hoax.

She never had the disease and despite shooting to fame on deceit, she claims she did it with intent to help people living with the disease.

“I realized that I couldn’t continue deceiving people I was living with AIDS that is why I had to render an unqualified apology. I am sorry for what I have taken people through,” she apologized.

Speaking live on UTV’s Adekye Nsroma, Dzidzor shockingly revealed that although she worked with several agencies on HIV/AIDS campaign, none of them was bold enough to ask her to produce proof of her status.

After several years of working with the Ghana AIDS Commission, Joyce Dzidzor claims “I have no idea if they knew that I have been negative. I only told them about what I have been through in life when they asked me if I had AIDS.”

She further claims that her nationwide campaign on AIDS wouldn’t have been that effective if she hadn’t approached it like she has one herself. Asked by the host of the Adekye Nsroma show if the lies she told the whole world would dent the credibility of the AIDS campaign, she responded that “I am not the only ambassador.

My story has always been the same; the only thing that has changed is the fact that I am negative. I am sorry if i forged the story but I have been through a lot”, she said.



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