Silverbird Cinema Says No To Zylofon Arts Fund

Silverbird Cinema Says No To Zylofon Arts Fund

Silverbird Cinemas says no deal to Zylofon Arts Fund. This was after an offer from the company to help boost the movie industry in Ghana.

Frank Kwabena Owusu, PRO for Zylofon Arts Fund disclosed that they approached Silverbird Cinemas to strike a 60/40 deal in favour of movie producers who premiere their films. However, they said no to them.

According to the PRO, he believes they are not ready to help movie producers earn money from their sweat. Furthermore, he disclosed that Silvrbird Cinema is the only firm in the country which rejected their offer to help Ghanaian movie producers. However, other ten cinema halls in the country agreed to their request.

Zylofon Arts Fund on deal with Silverbird Cinemas

“Silverbid Cinema is not ready to go into agreement with us (Zylofon Arts Fund). We have approached them. We have gone there to discuss this same thing that we have gone acrosss the country to discuss with everybody but they are the only people who said no, they are not ready to do that kind of agreement. They said it is either we come and pay for the hall or we should just forget it so I can say that we don’t have any relationship with them” 

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