Sinach Says She Doesn’t Know Many Ghanaian Songs And Musicians

Sinach Says She Doesn’t Know Many Ghanaian Songs And Musicians

Renowned Nigerian gospel star, Sinach is in Ghana for the second edition of Women in Worship concert.

The organisers had a press conference for the artistes to tell their fans their expectations. During the press conference, the press asked the “Way Maker” hitmaker to sing any Ghanaian song she has heard or knows.

Sinach about Ghanaian gospel musicians and songs

At the event, she stated that she is unaware of any Ghanaian song. Therefore, she cannot sing it. However, she quickly added that she is very ready to learn a Ghanaian song since it is not too late for her to also sing songs from Ghana.

Apart from that, she could not mention any artiste from Ghana she knows.

She stated this after a reported asked which artist in Ghana she mostly listens to and which of them she would love to work with on a track. However, she explained that

“I don’t have names and that does not mean I don’t know names.”

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