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Skillions ‘disclaims’ rapper, Killmatic after a failed attempt to join Lynx


Skillions ‘disclaims’ rapper, Killmatic after a failed attempt to join Lynx

Skillions Records has official denounced former Skillions ” New Generation” member, Killmatic for unprofessional behavior which the label describes as a breech of its number one code of Ethics – ‘Don’t bite the hand that feeds you’.

According to a statement signed by Jude Bopam, Skillions Records P.R, after the release of the famous ”Skillions New Generation Mixtape” in October 2009, Killmatic decided to go behind his team and tried to secure a recording deal with Lynx Entertainment using the songs he had recorded under Skillions Records/Ebuzu Media as a springboard. Unfortunately for the young rapper, the move was unsuccessful as he was denied by Lynx Entertainment breach of conduct.

Skillions Records founder, Jayso has refused to disclose how he got hold of Killmatic’s attempted move to Lynx but expressed shock with the rest of his team when he got hold of the news. Jayso kept his cool and chose not to confront Killmatic immediately. Rather he asked the leader of the New Generation team, Lil’Shaker, to find out the truth, and Killmatic confirmed it. Jayso was left with no choice but to evict Killmatic from the team.

According to the statement, it has come to the notice of Skillions Records that since the dismissal of Killmatic from the label, the rapper continues to use the name ‘Skillions’ to get deals from people and he has been performing under a false Skillions Identity. In addition, he has been seen performing other Skillions songs on stage. He recently performed Lil’Shaker’s ‘School’ track which features him and Bra Kevin Beats at Central University College without the permission of Lil’Shaker or Jayso, the producer of the song.

Accordingly, Jayso called Killmatic and asked him to stop performing the songs but Killmatic refused, displaying arrogance on the phone. Skillions Records has issued a warning to the rapper that, If he continues with his untoward actions, the record label would be forced to take legal action against him. Killmatic continues to use ‘Killmatic Skillions’ as his Facebook name.

Skillions Records thereby advises the general public on how to deal with Killmatic henceforth. The label states: “Anyone who deals with him does so at his/her own risk. Skillions Records will not take responsibility of any type of case that may arise in dealing with Killmatic as he is not part of the team.”

Meanwhile, Skillions Records has revealed that over the past few years, Skillions has gone through some major changes and most of the old members are no longer part of the group. EL started GH Productions and he is making waves across Ghana, J-town signed on to Killa1west and was recently nominated in the just ended Channel O Music Video Awards, BallJ started Nu’ Africa, Jinx is independent and working on his album, NKP quit rap, Midknight is still doing his thing in Atlanta, Grafik left, Joey and Gemini signed to Last2, Kevinbeats is signed to Cryme Records and Killmatic was fired.

Currently, Skillions Record has a strong team consisting of 7 great talents. These artists have been officially signed to the label and set to deliver some good music to their listeners. They include Sandra (Jazz Singer), Edi-young (R&B Singer), Rumor (Hiphop Aritsit), Paapa (Urban Contemporary Gospel), Lil’Shaker (Hiphop), Adina (Inspirational, R&B, Soul) and Jayso (Hiphop, R&B, Soul).

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