Slapping Zainab still haunts me – DKB

76451289DKB, born Derrick Kobina Bonney, is one of Ghana’s most relevant and hardworking contemporary comedians keeping the comedy industry active.

He spoke to NEWS-ONE’s Francis Addo on a range of issues—about himself, life as comedian and his infamous slapping of Sierra Leonean model Zainab Sheriff when they both represented their respective countries at the Big Brother Africa reality show.

DKB revealed the slapping saga had been haunting him and that if he had the chance to bring back time, he would have walked away from Zainab when she provoked him.

What’s up with DKB? You seem to be everywhere lately.

DKB is just fanning the fire of GH comedy to make a bonfire. Everywhere because event organisers now prefer me as the first choice to spice their events, and it’s because I am serving out all the jokes that have been in me.

What happens when the jokes get finished? lol

They will never get finished because my style is to take swipes at social issues and current affairs…

I had been trying to remember DKB before Big Brother but I couldn’t.

I started off as a top performer at the defunct Citizen Comedy Show produced by Citizen Kofi. I was the regular character on the prime time comedy TV show, Laugh A Minute… I hosted KSM Afia Siriboe show in 2011 as well, hosted Eddie Kadi live in Ghana 2010 & 2011… Lastly, before Big Brother Africa (BBA) I was the host for the funniest family TV game show, It Runs In The Family.

Will you say you had your breakthrough before BBA?

I had my break but BBA gave me my big break…

Was it crucial for you to be on BBA platform?

Sorry, before BBA… I had flown to Uganda for Mnet Comedy Club to represent as finest comedian from Ghana to feature with other top comics from other African countries. So based on that I took BBA as an opportunity to sell myself to Africa as a great comic.

Do you think you have achieved that aim of selling yourself?

Well I did but in an awkward way. Basing on the scandal, the name is truly remembered all across the continent but whenever I trip a country, I would have a few explanations to do before I proceed with whatever agenda I came with.

You mean the Zainab slap saga still haunts you?

I can never run completely from it. I have managed to bury it in Ghana. I am now left with other countries. I haven’t really interacted with them concerning it so truly I would have lots of questions to answer.

What really happened? Some people think you had to slap her to prove you are a man of your words?

No, I slapped her because she slapped me first. And that broke the last straw because I had had enough of the verbal abuse.

If you have the opportunity to bring back time, would you change anything that happened that day?

I would have walked away…and stayed in the BBA house as she gets disqualified.

Do you hear from her?

I used to hear from her… I guess at a point everybody minds his or her business.

Tell me about yourself?

I’m from Ningo… A Ga Adangbe by tribe. I was born in Accra, September 3, 1985 and grew up in Accra. My parents are Caroline Mensah and Harry Jerry Bonney. I had basic education at the Universal Academy and St Anthony’s Preparatory School then to St John’s Grammar School and University of Ghana (Bsc. Agric Hons. 2009).

I held positions in my schools including St John’s SRC representative for Agric students; Organising Secretary, Agribusiness Association; Deputy Entertainment Chairman of Ghana Association of Agric Students, Legon; Mensah Sarbah Hall Male Block Captain and Mensah Sarbah Hall planning committee executive. I had a couple of achievements including 2004 St John’s Grammar Best Computer Student, 2007 Funniest Agric Student, 2007 Most Popular Agric Student, 2008 Funniest Student and 2009 Mensah Sarbah Hall Most Hardworking Student.

You are daddy bee boy lol. How was growing up like?

I was half dadabee; today I get, tomorrow I don’t.

Is DKB married?

Marriage, not yet.

At what point did you notice you wanted to become a comedian?

After passing through a Jimie competition in Commonwealth. It was over but I just went to do freestyle and they loved it.

What were some of the biggest mistakes you made as a new comedian at the time?

Hmmm! I was performing to oldies on Citizen Kofi’s birthday and they wanted to dance and I was forcing jokes on them… They booed me away.

Did it affect you?

Apuuu! I am mentally stronger than their pension plans.

It must be a difficult thing making people laugh?

Not really.

You sound like there is a common formula that comedians use?

No. We create, try them, rehearse and kill it. Those are some qualities of a good comedian.

What do you think about Ghana’s comedy industry compared to that of Nigeria?

Nigerian comedy industry is a PHD holder with 30+ years of experience… GH comedy industry just completed kindergarten.

Is GH comedy doing right at its kindergarten stage?

Yes, now we are.

You are an actor too; where from that inspiration?

I just realised I could act. It comes easily.

What productions have you done so far?

No movies yet… TV series, Just Another Day showed on GHone, High School Fever showing on GHone. I made special appearance in Afia Shwarzenegger.

Any concluding message?

Oh, I want to thank all Ghanaians for accepting me massively, big respect to Ramani, marketing distributors of Lele Food Products and DJ Cola Drinks for investing in my comedy tour, respect to Asta Advertising, Chapters Couture Clothing and any other who has contributed to my success.

Source: NEWS-ONE

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