imagesNollywood and Yoruba actress, Foluke Daramola might not be happy with the rumour rocking her marriage as the busty dark beauty celebrated her wedding anniversary and birthday recently in a 2-in-1 package.

She shared her pains and worries of being labelled ‘husband snatcher’, her conscious effort to be a good and upstanding member of the society. She said the rumour is rocking her marriage.

She said, “Whenever I read any bad news about us, I felt bad. But Kayode would not feel bad because he was convinced about what we feel for each other. I felt bad because it was not me that was portrayed in those stories.

“The fact that I have feelings for someone and the person feels the same way about me and we both have a past that we are moving beyond does not make us bad people. The way they made it seem to the outside world was like I was a bitch that just wanted to be wicked.”

Foluke Daramola had been in the fray of the firing line when it emerged that she was brain behind the crash of the marriage of her husband, the Cordinator of Change Agent of Nigeria Network (CANN), Mr. Kayode Salako to Princess Bukola Fasuyi


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