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Soundcity Ghana & their ‘ghost mode’ attitude must stop!


Soundcity Ghana & their ‘ghost mode’ attitude must stop!

sSoundcity GhanaSoundcity Ghana, as we all know, is a franchise of the spectacular and highly successful brand in Nigeria; promoting artistes and entertainment industry.

Ghanaians hopes were high as at the time the news broke that Soundcity was on its way to Ghana. It undoubtedly sends jitters down the spine of Ghana entertainment promoters who thought the real competition was here. But few years down the line, Soundcity has not made one single headline as far as entertainment event is concerned.

We have had the opportunity to interact with artistes, event organizers and industry players here in Ghana and their response have been weak and not exciting when asked about the performance of the organisation in the country.

According to the brief we had about the idea of this brand here in Ghana, is to assist, push the entertainment industry in Ghana to its peak, but the opposite seems to be the case, as the brand itself is fast opting into oblivion.

Much has been said in the way and manner their operations was going to transform the Ghana entertainment industry, but till now, we haven’t seen the manifestation of those high hopes they made Ghanaians to believe; which tempts one to say Soundcity Ghana is the shadow of its main brand in Nigeria.

Even though the management of Soundcity has disappointed many Ghanaian entertainment pundits, yet, we still believe there is hope.

Soundcity needs to wake up from its slumber and get motivated and challenged by the wonders Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, Ghana meets Naija, 4Syte Music Video Awards and the rest are doing to promote artistes and music in Ghana.

Soundcity Ghana is a beautiful brand, no doubt, but it need not to be repeated – their lackadaisical attitude in 2014, they must wake up from the opposite, their parent company in Nigeria and give Ghana and its artiste the conviction that they are here in Ghana for good.

It is not too late for the management of Soundcity Ghana to resurrect and take charge of the game for the good of Ghanaian creative artistes, and the promotion of Ghana artistes to the world.

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