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South Africa Fashion Royalty


South Africa Fashion Royalty

South Africans can now shop for some of their favourite homegrown designers online at Spree’s newly launched Boutique store.

Starting off with five top local fashion designers – Gert-Johan Coetzee, Thula Sindi, Marianne Fassler and Malcolm KLûK and Christiaan Gabriël du Toit for KLÛK CDGT – the new offering will make SA’s own haute couture accessible to all those passionate about fashion excellence, as well as give international customers a chance to get the looks created by local talent.


“The South African fashion landscape is one that is as diverse as it is ever evolving; an industry that celebrates beauty, creativity and most of all, the talent that is constantly appearing from all corners of our country.

“It is with this talent in mind that the Spree Fashion and Buying teams focused on fashion events, appearances, exhibitions and news to select designers from all over South Africa that needed to be showcased and celebrated,” said fashion director Chris Viljoen explained in a press release earlier in the month.

During the launch of Spree Boutique recently, designers agreed that educating South Africans on the kinds of quality garments it is worth investing in is key to increasing their overall satisfaction.

A reluctant customer himself, designer Thuli Sindi says the inspiration behind his line for Spree was to create five pieces that would be timeless and interchangeable.

South African Fashion wünderkind Gert-Johan Coetzee believes SA women need to look and feel good in the many roles they play. He envisions customers “growing up” with his brand made accessible through Spree Boutique.

Spree aims to rid online shopping of that cold experience by providing informative write-ups of all garments under a “Why Buy” caption offered on each garment. This will help potential buyers make the right decisions when selecting new pieces.


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