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HON. ABED BANDIM divulges;

The NDC in the Bunkpurugu Constituency believes that, as a Social Democratic Party, our policies and programs for the development and advancement of the area must not only resonate with the people of the area for the collective good but must be relevant to our quest for building an egalitarian society that offers equal opportunities to all for the advancement of their maximum potential.

We believe that the common humanity of man must be the way to go as that is in sync with our political philosophy as Social Democrats.
The NDC in the constituency is therefore committed to using the human and social capital at our disposal, within the framework of inclusivity, transparency, and accountability, to effect a progressive development of the constituency for the next four years, and to create sustainable jobs for our people.

So as a social democratic party, it is our philosophy to champion the creation of a society where everyone has the opportunity to be what he or she aspires to be. We believe in the collective good of a society as opposed to an unmeritorious classed society where others must be worshipped for no other reason than imbalanced wealth from unjust sources.
My policy statements which I have made publicly is my Social Contract with you, the good people of our beloved constituency, as your Parliamentary Candidate, on the ticket of the great NDC.

We need no more a constituency where people are favored because of their party colors. We need a society where there will be access to opportunities on the basis of merit. You are the people who can help build such a society – Let’s do it together!

Therefore, engineering a development-oriented constituency on all fronts for our people means delivering on my Social Contract and ensuring that this vision is realized.
The NDC in the constituency will undertake a vigorous infrastructural plan, and prioritize education, health, and skills development as the cornerstones of our progress among others. We will deliver jobs, prosperity, and more in consonance with “The People’s Manifesto”, we shall grow together!

As a servant leader, I have had the wonderful privilege of touring our constituency for some time now. In fact, being elected for the first time to lead the NDC as a Parliamentary Candidate in the December 2020 general elections, I have had a sober reflection all this while, with mixed feelings, about the daunting challenges and problems that bedevil our constituency, and confront our people daily.
We cannot continue to see the problems of our people as business as usual, and cannot continue to do things in the same old ways. We need a much more urgent and decisive leadership that will bring about the change and progress we all desire in the constituency, and in this country at large.

The Bunkpurugu Constituency in two(2) days from now, has the opportunity to choose:
1. Democracy over creeping authoritarianism;
2. Dignity and respect over corruption and shady deals;
3. Inclusivity over division and lawlessness;
4. Collectivism and communalism in leadership over selective and parochial leadership;
5. A constituency of equal opportunities to every community and to everyone over a constituency of unjust distribution of opportunities and national cake;
6. Visionary leadership over a rigid myopic leadership;
7. A leadership that will be accountable to the people over a leadership of imposition;
8. A real hope for our constituents over barren hopelessness;
9. A leadership that accepts the dissenting views of people over a leadership of oppression and intimidation; and,
10. A leadership that recognizes the expression of people’s views as a matter of right over the leadership that sees such as a ground to crush opposing views with needless authority.

Therefore, all the above will be made practical and experiential for the good of our constituents, only and only, if John Mahama and I, Abed Bandim are chosen over the rest. Because it’s important to state that Ghana is changing fast and in very fundamental ways. So we must align our constituency to the new developments taking place in order to propel its advancement and to achieve this, we must embark on a massive development agenda of all the sectors in our constituency. This will not only engineer growth, but it will bring about prosperity for all and sundry.

Against this backdrop, my policy proposals, which we have discussed in bits, represents the social contract between my good self, your servant, and the good people of the constituency, and of course, with the deep appreciation that you are the source of the power I am seeking, and must therefore enjoy the benefit of your own power but not bear the blunt of those you put in power as it currently subsists. Adequate consultations within the NDC and other key personalities in the constituency were undertaken to come out with these policy guidelines for progressive implementation and execution. All that is left is for you the constituents to credit us with your mandate on December, 7th 2020, for this to materialize. We do recognize and respect the fact that you as a people, are the source of the power we are seeking.

I want to assure you the good people of the constituency that there are great times ahead. So let us all put our energies together to create the constituency that we all wish for, and to conduct ourselves peacefully, before, during, and after the elections. Possible together. Victory is assured.


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SB Bitian is a Freelance Writer. Favorite quote: "I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happen to them all" - Ecclesiastes 9:11

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