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Stonebwoy introduce a brand gesture


Stonebwoy introduce a brand gesture

Just as Shatta Wale is with his symbol of hope gesture, Stonebwoy officially introduce a brand gesture dubbed “Trinity”.

Every public figure has a unique way of communicating to their followers and its no different with entertainers.

Whiles on stage, singers puts our gestures to communicate with their fans or concert attenders and we saw Shatta Wale with his symbol of hope which he portrays by opening the second and last finger and closing the middle two fingers with the thumb.

With Stonebwoy’s ” Trinity ” symbol, one has to open the first finger and the thumb whiles closing the last three fingers of both hands. The symbol is complete after you point the tips of the opened first finger and the thumb of both hands to each other.

This is becoming a trend and we hope to see other artistes coming up with theirs.


Gideon Ofori is an Entertainment and Showbiz Enthusiast, Consultant, PR expert with rich knowledge and analytical prowess as a regular panel on most entertainment radio programmes in the Eastern Region. Twice nominated at the Eastern Region Media Excellence Award as an Entertainment Writer.

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