Sugar Daddies used to chase me- Lydia Forson

imagesBubbly Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has revealed that sugar daddies used to chase her during her university days at University of Ghana.

The ‘Scorned’ actress said these old men showered gifts on her expecting something in return, but she never fell for their tricks. Lydia Forson disclosed this when giving synopses for her yet-to-be released movie, ‘A Letter From Adam’ on Radio Univers.

“Basically I wanted to talk about a contemporary love story that is not overly sexual or dramatic but a real love story. This movie just explores relationships. The key relationship in this movie is an older man and a younger girl. You know most times when we talk about these old men, sugar daddies?”

She further chanted “Legon girls!! Legon girls!!” This cheer by the actress resulted in the question “whilst you were on campus, did any old man come to you?”

The actress answered “they will come, but it depends on the choice you make.”

She added that “if you are a girl and an old man has not approached you then there is something wrong with you. They will come, but the question is; did you allow? If you will buy free food for me why should I reject it? I like free stuffs, but it doesn’t go beyond that. I don’t like complicated things.”

According to the best actress award-winner at the 2010 African Movie Academy Award, she never rejected the gifts by these men because she did not ask for the gifts but they willingly gave it out, “I did not request for it, you gave it and that is not a sin. So if he is sending a credit I shouldn’t take it? God forbid.”

Lydia Forson further advised that men should not give gifts to ladies with the intention of expecting something in return, “you should not give anything to anyone in this world with the intention of getting something back.

When you do that, it diminishes everything you did. So when I see a guy who gives free gifts expecting to get something back, I will just take them, and you will never get what you want” she told Abrantepa, host of the mid-morning show, Brunch2Lunch.

‘A Letter from Adam’ premieres on September 19 at the Silverbird Cinema in Accra.

The first self-produced movie of Lydia Forson is a contemporary story about love, loss and hopes and will draw audiences into a realistic cycle of life seen through the pain of loss, the journey of self-discovery and the courage and strength to find hope in the face of adversity.

Set in the busy yet simple city of Accra, ‘A Letter From Adam’ seeks to give the audience an often neglected truth about love – that love doesn’t always come in the form one expects it to.


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