Suppressing pimples and boils

Suppressing pimples and boils


I was experiencing some kind of pimple on my face, right on top of my nose looking like a rhinoceros. No different from a torchlight, very inconveniently positioned and painful.

Well, I searched online for remedies and trust me; all I read were scary scientific terminologies and how this could lead to death. A little shaky, the doctor was my next bet when a friend suggested to apply honey. “Gosh, the bossy thing worked.” However, another pimple started developing right inside my nose, just a day after recovering from the previous one. The pain was worse than the first one so I started wondering if a prophet could deliver me from the devil, since this is odd. Anyway, the Internet did mention pimple development in the nose.

I rushed to the health shop for some medicine. Garlic is believed to be good for heart and blood issues; the same Is pretty much with Flaxseed. It is believed flaxseed oil is for curing cardio and inflammatory related issues. Two days after taking flaxseed and garlic oil capsules, the pimple vanished. I have not experienced any pimple or boil since I made it a habit to take flaxseed and garlic oil capsules 5days in a year.

Be sure to do your research before indulging in any form of medication.

By Antwi Odrey

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