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Telenovelas are not the cause of the crippling movie industry in Ghana.

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Telenovelas are not the cause of the crippling movie industry in Ghana.



Madam Irene Pare (known for movies like Holby City, Pieces of me, etc) who recently turned 53 years went berserk after her interviewer on Entertainment Show in Multimedia posed a question as to whether “telenovelas” are collapsing our movie industry.


Queen mother of Sunyani passed at 64 years


She argued that instead of shifting the blames about the causes of the crippling industry we should rather think of how to revamp it. The veteran actress reiterated that the presence of technology has done more harm than good to the industry. She further asserted that gone were the days when movie enthusiasts joined long queues to pay money to visit near by cinemas. This she said fetched the industry players a lot of money. The reverse is the case in recent times!

Going by the current trends in technological advancements, with just a smart phone and a considerable amount of data bundle one can download movies and enjoy at the comfort of their abodes. To her, in order to erase the current woes in the industry, adequate content and re-branding in directing and production of films may be the way forward.

Well, this is her own point of view and I know that our lovely readers out there may also have different opinions or simply agree with her. Kindly drop your views after going through this piece. Thanks !

By: Christopher A. Asante  –  Ghana

Freelance Writer


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